Integrity Pool & Spa now offers a weekly maintenance plan and would be more than happy to give you a customized quote for your pool weekly maintenance. With the standard plan, we will open your pool two weeks before Memorial Day and will winterize your pool no more than two weeks after Labor Day. If you would like to open the pool at an earlier date or keep it open until a later date, we can customize the contract to your liking. Included in the maintenance plan is the following:

Technicians will open and start up the pool in the spring and winterize and cover the pool in the fall.

Our technicians will perform the following services on a weekly basis:

  • Chemical Analysis & Balancing
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Skim Pool
  • Clean Baskets
  • Filter Backwashing (as needed)
  • Repair or Replace Worn Out Parts
  • Maintain or Repair Pipes & Plumbing

Our technicians will provide the following product:

  • All maintenance chemicals including TriChlor Tabs, Chlorine Shock, Ph, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, and Algaecide.
  • Filter Media such as D.E. or Sand.
  • Any small filter system parts with a value of under $5.00 (O-rings, Gaskets, etc.)
  • Any basic PVC fittings with a value of under $5.00 (Couplings, Elbows, etc.)

The standard plan does NOT provide the following and will pass the cost onto the Owner:

  • Any specialty chemicals needed to treat extreme cases of algae such as Black Algae, Mustard Algae, or Pink Algae.
  • Any specialty chemicals needed to remove high amounts of metals such as Iron, Copper, or Magnesium.
  • Any costs incurred on water or specialty chemicals to balance extreme amounts of calcium hardness or cyanuric acid.
  • Any construction or renovation materials (Coping, Tile, Liner, etc.)
  • Any major system components (Filter Tanks, Motors, Heaters, etc.)
  • Any filter system parts with a value of over $5.00 (Filter Grids, Heater Parts, etc.)
  • Any specialty plumbing fittings with a value of over $5.00 (Valves, Unions, etc.)