Quantum Granular Chlorine Shock (Sodium Dichlor)

Quantum Granular Chlorine Shock (Sodium Dichlor)


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Quantumâ„¢ Granular

With 56% available stabilized chlorine, Quantumâ„¢ Granular offers easy pool sanitizing in a fast-dissolving formula. The product is effective for use as a primary pool sanitizer or shock treatment.

Useful Tips

  • Provides effective control of bacteria and algae when used as directed
  • Compatible with chlorine

Available Sizes: 1 lb. / 6 x 1lb. / 12 x 1lb. / 24 x 1lb. / 25 lbs.

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1 lb. Bag, 6 x 1lb. Bag, 12 x 1lb. Bag, 24 x 1lb. Bag, 25lb. Bucket


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